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Welcome to our website. We are a family owned and operated business and have been breeding and selling ragdoll kittens since 2007.


You are now the proud parent of a new, very special, American Ragdoll kitten! And you can’t wait to welcome your new “ball of fluff” to the other members of the family! Just as bringing a new baby home from the hospital involves a lot of preparation, so does the welcoming of a new baby kitten.

Your young kitty will be making a transition from our nursery where he or she is comfortable, to a new and even a little scary (albeit we assume a loving) environment. 

There are many steps that you can take to make this transition as smooth as possible for your kitten. Here is our own sage advice from 19 years of love!

New Ragdoll Needs ~ What To Get!

Below we tell you the correct FOOD and LITTER TO BUY. We suggest THE RIGHT CONTAINERS for FOOD and WATER, as well as the FAVORITE SCRATCHING PAD.  There is info on the BEST LITTER BOXES FOR RAGDOLLS, and WHAT we include with YOUR ANGEL. Plus, EXTRA OPTIONS TO CONSIDER.


Before bringing your kitten home, you’ll want to stock up on some necessities.
Here’s a list of recommended kitten gear that you will want to have on hand before the big day:


Premium Dry Cat Food

When your ragdoll comes to you, they will be eating Science Diet Optimum Care for young adults. You MUST BUY at least one bag of Science Diet if you get one of our babies. This is what they are used to eating and Ragdolls have sensitive stomachs. If you do not use the food that your ragdoll is used to, then prepare for diarrhea and irritable bowels…

Science Diet optimum Care contains vitamins and minerals needed for your baby angel when they are young. Ragdolls have sensitive stomachs until about six months of age, so we recommend you stay with this food for the first six months. After that you may switch foods, but please do it slowly and take notice of their out-take. (AND No, we have no affiliation with this food, nor do we make any money; it is just what works best for our cats.)

Friskies Savory Shreds Turkey & Cheese Dinner In Gravy

Almost all of our kittens like this wet food. Please Buy some! Food is a wonderful way to help bond and build trust with your kitten, and it is essential you have at least a few cans for those first few days of transition. We recommend you buy at least seven cans of Friskies Turkey and Cheese and feed your kitten half a can in the afternoon. If they clean the plate, then feed them the whole can at lunch. You can experiment with other brands and types once they are over four months old, as their digestive systems are heartier at that point.

Cat Food BOWLS!

Our first choice, is the Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder, size 6 pounds, the medium size; or larger. A feeder that holds more food means that you as an owner do not have to pour dry food every day, and since many people UNDER feed their sweet Ragdolls, (who never overeat, we swear!) you really might like a feeder that keeps dry food always available. We have NEVER, EVER, EVER seen an overweight ragdoll. You MUST leave dry food and fresh water out for them at all times, please!
If you are determined to get “CUTE” bowls, please keep the food bowl full and the water bowl cleaned. Cute bowls mean you will need to add food and refresh the water EVERY DAY! Ragdolls don’t seem to care for plastic bowls, although we own some of these. They prefer porcelain, or stainless steel. Some will accept plastic.