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 We guarantee the best quality ragdoll kittens in all of Virginia. As premier Ragdoll cat breeders With Champion bloodlines and a relentless focus on breeding healthy cats, we are the only ragdoll breeder that can fully endorse our kittens’ health. Our ragdoll cats are from the finest hereditary lines of ragdolls anywhere in the world. We have some of the most influential champion cat show winners in our home, with proven bloodlines from the best ragdoll breeds available. In addition to HCM testing, we also test all new blood lines for FIV, FeLV, PKD, blood type, and color testing. Our cats are thoroughly tested so that we can ensure the healthiest ragdolls to you; our clients and friends.

Ragdoll Kittens are available in a rainbow of colors and patterns! We are well-known for our stunning and rare LILACS and CHOCOLATES! Plus we always have the traditional SEALS and BLUES! But we never forget about the uncommon blue-eyed WHITES, and the silky MINKS and deep SEPIA’s! There are also beautiful kittens that come in RED, CREAM, and TORTIE! And any of our kitties can also come with LYNX markings!



NO EXCEPTIONS – Ragdolls are INDOOR CATS only! Declawing cuts their first knuckle off, and is unnecessary in this loving breed. Feel free to e-mail and ask or research this breed further online. If you wish an outdoor pet, check out some other breeds that may suit your needs better.

We are so confident that our cats are healthy that we offer a health policy that is unheard of in cat breeding circles. With extensive research and documented health checks on all our kittens, we can guarantee that an American Ragdoll is the best example of a healthy ragdoll cat you will find. At American Ragdolls, we breed and raise our kittens as part of the family. They are never caged, and they learn to socialize with our children and our two dogs from a very young age. We make sure they will be able to fit in with all sorts of families. Our breeding queens are only allowed a small number of litters before they retire to a life of luxury around the age of five. We want to ensure the health of both our kittens and their ragdoll mommy’s. We guarantee that a ragdoll kitty from American Ragdolls means that you will have a happy, loving, and healthy family member that was treated with love and compassion from the day it was born. Peace of Mind… only from AmericanRagdolls.

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